D.C. traditional schools increase four year high school graduation rate to 64 percent

DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson enthusiastically announced on Facebook yesterday that in 2015 the four year high school graduation rate for her system increased to 64 percent.  Her goal is to get to 75 percent by the year 2017.  The rate represents a six percent jump from last year’s 58 percent.  I was at a Fight for Children event last night that Ms. Henderson also attended and I can attest that she was thrilled about the news.

The number is definitely moving in the right direction but is still seven points below the overall rate of 71 percent for the city’s charter high schools, which is a sector that serves primarily low income minority children.  In addition, the statistic is far below the 90 percent graduation rate of Opportunity Scholarship Program scholars comprised of kids living in poverty.

But DCPS has seen a consistent rise in this number since it was at an astonishing low 53 percent in 2011.  It appears that public education reform is continuing its steady climb in the nation’s capital.

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