Fight for Children grants over $800,000 to local nonprofits

Recently, Fight for Children announced that due to the success of Fight Night 2015 it has been able to grant over $800,000 to deserving nonprofits in the Washington, D.C. area.  Last year’s Fight Night Gala brought in a record of over $5 million.

According to Fight for Children the bequests went to “award-winning organizations” that “operate crucial programs that support early childhood students’ needs, including mental health interventions, special education instruction, family engagement, and one-on-one reading tutoring.”  Yesterday, I was able to catch up with Raul Fernandez, Fight for Children’s chairman and chairman and CEO of ObjectVideo.  I asked him about the significance of the grants.

“As Fight for Children celebrated its 25th year,” Mr. Fernandez explained, “we are encouraged that the environment around school reform has changed, and it has changed for the better.  Because of people such as Fight for Children founder Joe Robert, public officials in the city, and leaders of our school system, we have seen tremendous positive improvements.  Joe started to make a difference and taught us that we need to be smart, nimble, and quick.  These qualities have led us to concentrate on education, health, and family engagement for children three to eight years old.”

Mr. Fernandez continued, “The nonprofits that we support are having a real impact on improving the lives of people in Washington, D.C., especially for kids in low income families. Fight for Children, through the awarding of these grants, is adding fuel to their fire and raising awareness of the really important work they are doing.”

The organizations receiving awards include:

Children’s National Health System
DC Special Education Co-Operative
The Family Place
The Literacy Lab
Mary’s Center
Project Zero, via the Washington International School
Reading Partners
Turning the Page, and
The Wendt Center

Moreover, Fight Night Presenting Sponsor Under Armour directed that a $1 million contribution be imparted to Living Classroom Foundation in Baltimore City.  The money will allow LCF to enhance their early childhood and elementary education offerings through STEM, robotics, music, art, and culinary programs.

Combined with their Joe’s Champs program for training teachers in early childhood education, the influence of Fight for Children in Washington D.C. and Baltimore appears to be stronger than ever.




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